Maybe we’ll get lucky… I am talking about the newest and revolutionary waste-to-energy solution, of course. If you haven’t heard of Roberto Hroval, Project Phoenix8, or Product Reincarnation Technology™ yet… Well, let me explain why the world is raving about it.


Here are some extracts from the articles published all over the internet including Chicago Tribune, Daily Press, Harvard University (USA), University of Oxford, Capital Gazette, New York Journal, Washington Herald, London Tribune, Le Monde (French mega-news portal), Academia, (most prestigious scientific magazine), and more than 2.000 global media.


The Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel is open to this solution and the Mayor of New York Bill De Blasioas well. Mayor of Paris, France, Anne Hildago also expressed interest in this solution.


Big and market-leading companies are more than inclined to Product Reincarnation Technology™. Some of their leaders even gave testimonials. Like Josef Kluy from the billion-dollar company BluechemGroup, Germany, who said that it is “remarkable development and ingenious invention that will put all previously known to shade.”


Or Abdulla Al Nowais from famous Al Nowais family who “looks forward to exploring the opportunities for this technology in Abu Dhabi.” 


So what exactly is Product Reincarnation Technology™?


Product Reincarnation Technology™ is a ground-breaking and game-changing system for reducing amount of waste and transforming it into money. It is based on green energy and converts used, worn, and discarded products into new and useful ones. The procedure it uses is called “molecular degradation” on relatively low temperatures.


Its characteristics are no emissions to the environment, over 85 percent exploitation of the energy balance, and more than 98 percent commercial use. The founder of the project is Roberto Hroval who is also the founder of the company PP8 Corporation Limited, UK, who will build the first factory with Product Reincarnation™ Technology inside. The name of the company will be Project Phoenix8.


More about Project Phoenix8 and Product Reincarnation Technology™


Roberto Hroval, well-known for his innovative products in the field of green energy, has announced the launch of his latest achievement in the waste to energy niche. Product Regeneration Technology™ is an advanced and green process that transforms used, worn, or discarded products into fuel, electricity, or even brand-new products.


According to the Hroval and PP8 Corporation company, the method provides a high energy efficiency of more than 85 percent and has no emissions. On the other hand, more that 98% of everything that goes in (read: garbage) is transformed into sellable goods!


Roberto Hroval says: "We are delighted that experts and investors have already seen the enormous benefits and opportunities that Project Phoenix8 and Product Reincarnation Technology™ bring. It offers a vast potential for reducing waste, making cheap energy, and for significantly reducing CO2 emissions.”


This way-ahead-of-recycling technology works best on hydrocarbon products such as scrapplastics, tires, oil, textiles, and others.


Worn-out and discarded products are thermally decomposed at low temperatures. The process consists of two stages. In the first stage, molecular degradation in the form of thermolysis is applied to decompose organic products into usable raw materials. Additionally, a special plant for producing electricity out of these raw materials can be added.


In the second phase, a molecular structure that involves making a new product, identical to the original one, is made from the raw materials obtained from the first step. These two steps together represent the whole product reincarnation process.


It is a closed-loop system without a chimney and zero percent environmentally harmful by-products.


Project Phoenix8 and the Product Reincarnation Technology™ aim to reduce the increasing impact of waste on the global ecosystem, such as land, oceans, seas, rivers, forests … and reduce the exhaustion of the Earth's natural resources.


According to Roberto Hroval, product reincarnation requirements cannot easily be attained by many organizations because this process has, beside above 85% of energy efficiency and 98% of monetization, a low or negative effect of CO2.


Also, sound levels should be below 60 dB and the buildings and surroundings should have a positive and pleasant visual effect. Last but not least, a licensed agency must do verification of production data.


For example, Project were machinery and the goods produced was verified by the Bureau Veritas, a world-recognized certification body from Switzerland.


The technology is also well-known in academic circles. Prof. Zvonimir Steiner, one of the leading scientists at J.J.Strossmayer University, states that this system enables the reactor to use a high energy efficiency of more than 86% and has no emissions. “This self-efficient power supply is a major advantage as the gas produced from the recycling process goes back in the production process. No external power sources are needed, and the system is able to obtain water from its recycling-production process. This creates a self-contained reactor cooling system.”


"The process of thermal treatment that we will use in Project Phoenix8 company represents an extremely complex technical solution," explained Hroval. "We get only high quality, economically useful and energy-rich raw materials such as fine black carbon, diesel fuel, calcium, and sodium salts that need no additional treatments. That’s another reason why the Product Reincarnation Technology™ is so efficient."


When asked if he is planning to come to Japan with Project Phoenix8 and Project Reincarnation Technology™, Roberto Hroval answered that “everything is possible.” Right now, he and his team have to build the first company in Europe. After that, an expansion to the rest of EU and USA is planned. “But you newer know. It would be possible to come to Japan very soon, maybe even before USA, if we find the right partners there.”